Vote for Melissa Herweier

As School Board Trustee, Spruce Grove Ward 5 

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In times of Great Crisis, Great Leaders emerge.

I believe there is a call for Great Leaders in our education system to help transform & shape the future for generations to come. As stated in the dictionary, a great leader has the ability to lead, guide & direct. Leadership is being re-defined to become a more collaborative effort along with accountability, right here in our City of Spruce Grove. 

It's time for leaders to listen to the parent's needs and concerns and most importantly what our children need. I am certain our children require a strong voice and advocate to help equip them with the right tools, skills, mindset and education curriculum that will set them up for success. 

This is one of the biggest reasons I am asking for your vote in this election on October 18th. 
With the right people in positions of power who truly care about the children, and involve the parents this has the ability to move mountains and properly educate our children.
Imagine a school division that sets a standard for the rest of the province where others want to follow our lead. At the end of the day, our kids need us. They need environments where they can thrive in. All learning styles, behaviours, and abilities must be addressed. How can we create a more cohesive, collaborative and connected community that truly cares about our children? 
ELECT the right candidates who have a strong voice and are willing to listen & take action. 

After participating on a board meeting, I heard the call in my heart to put my foot forward. I started an online group to hear and engage directly from parents in the division who are new and have been here for years. I am committed to helping make change with the four main issues that have been raised.

The top four main concerns parents have is communication, between parents and teachers, schools and the board. I want to change this. There is another way to create open communication on a more consistent basis and this is by also hearing the parents. I, too want this to change. It's time for parents to take back their authority and power to protect and guide their children. Second, I'd like to incorporate a mental well-being & healthful state for the children. The more opportunity for kids to engage, participate, learn and have fun, the higher chance of succeeding post-pandmic with a healthy mind, body and spirit. Third, was the curriculum and literacy. Let's start being more transparent with what kids are learning while at school and begin creating opportunities for children to learn necessary life skills like relationship building, communication, leadership, etc. Fourth was funding. More parents would like to see funding for children with disabilities and the funding going towards things that truly matter. Let's change this.
On October 18th, please consider choosing me as one of the candidates for Spruce Grove Ward 5 district. 

Want to get involved?

If you would like to get involved in any way with this campaign leading up to election day, let's connect! 
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Melissa has been a resident in Spruce Grove for over 24 years and grew up in the Parkland School Division most of her life. Her father worked in Parkland County for 20 years and so this has been in Melissa's blood for years.
Melissa has witnessed many generations of kids grow, start families and she's blessed to maintain many friendships & relationships in the area for 30 years and counting. 
Melissa holds an applied Finance degree from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and has experienced many diverse career paths in the last 24 years ranging from oil and gas, sales, hospitality, banking & finance, speaking, travel & tourism and entrepreneurship.
 Her heart and soul belong to being an entrepreneur and teaching others how to do so. In fact, Melissa believes all children should learn or explore the world of entrepreneurialism early to ignite their creativity, imagination and relationship skills. 
Being an entrepreneur for the last 11 years and a single mom for the last 5 years, Melissa knows very well how to manage stress, deal with challenging circumstances and the importance of resiliency and team work. 
Melissa has hosted & produced close to 500 events for small business owners to connect in the community, engage, learn and build meaningful relationships and believes the #1 most important thing for humans is CONNECTION. Melissa has spoken internationally for the last 10 years and has brought her daughter to visit over 10 countries by the time she was 5 years old. As her love for people spans across the globe, she believes she can begin to create a legacy for her daughter and the many other children in the Parkland County Division in the next four years.

On Election Day You Must Vote! Here's How:


ADVANCE POLLING - OCT 7,8,12,14,16-2021


Special Ballot MAIL-IN Voting 

Voters who are unable to vote at their designated advance vote or Election Day voting station because of a physical disability or absence from the jurisdiction, may apply to vote by special (mail-in) ballot, starting on August 3, 2021.

Voters can request a package by completing the Request for Special Ballot Package and submitting to the Returning Officer:

In writing
By telephone (780-962-7634)
In person (City Hall; 315 Jespersen Avenue)
By email ( )

The packages will be mailed to voters late in September, after the close of nomination period on September 20. Once voters receive the package, it will be up to them to ensure it is returned to the City by October 18.